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Aroma Craft Coffee

Coffee Roasting

Our Spirit

Aroma Craft Coffee believes in rediscovering the basics. We pride ourselves on crafting our products in-house and sourcing green coffee from responsible and sustainable sources. Our space is built for lively conversations whether it’s with your best friends or newest friends. We believe in cultivating the genuine personal connections that are created in our home.



Our Reputation

Honesty over Hype

Our mission is to create a great product that speaks for itself. We take our favorite comfort recipes from our home kitchens and bring them to the table with our own modern interpretation. We are proud to utilize high-quality ingredients in our kitchen and bar that are unaltered and simple. Our talented baristas and culinary teams take pride in creating each one of our products.


Our Thoughts

Aroma Craft Coffee is rooted in a mid-century Taiwanese setting. Every aspect of our shop was transcended from our culture- from the vintage notebook collections, wall decor, to the very gates that surround our roaster. Our home is reminiscent of our carefree childhood days that were always filled with wonder, surprise, and curiosity. The root of Aroma Craft Coffee is to bring the community together for conversation and provide an interpretation of what we think a coffee shop experience should be about.



Take a deep breath, clear your mind and enjoy the Aroma Craft Coffee Experience.

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20265 Valley Blvd, Ste Q, Walnut CA 91789

Mon - Sun

8AM - 4PM

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